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From time to time, selected sermons will be posted on All Things Preaching in order to provide for the listener an opportunity to hear messages which are connected to Scripture. 


Sing a Resurrection Song - Luke 7:11-17

Luke narrates this story of Jesus’ encounter with the dead son of a grieving mother to emphasize His power over death and the grave. Through our Lord, we can experience victory and joy over His defeat of death and the grave; we can sing over the grave. Particular attention will be given to the structure of the narrative, showing how Luke crafts the story to emphasize our Lord’s resurrection power.

The Voice of the Lord - Psalm 29

David relates that the voice of the Lord should make us pause and take notice. It is likely that he speaks out of his own experience as a shepherd, keeping watch over the sheep in the midst of a powerful thunderstorm. Perhaps the flash of lightning and crash of thunder served to remind him of those moments when he heard the voice of the Lord resonate with surpassing power.  


I preached this sermon on the heels of Hurricane Harvey (August 25-29, 2017), in which most of the surrounding area was devastated by excessive rainfall. I suspended my normal sermon series through Ephesians because of the magnitude of this event. Most everyone had been affected by the storm. It was on the heart and minds of those in attendance. 


Preachers have the burden of giving expression to the truth and emotions of such moments. This can be difficult. Like the Apostle Paul who pondered, “Who is sufficient for these things?” (2 Cor. 2:16).  We struggle to acknowledge all that is happening in the blurry activity of crisis events. As he would affirm a few verses later: sufficiency for ministry comes from the Lord and His Word (3:5). Indeed the Lord does the heavy lifting through His Word in times like this. 

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