Sermon Notes or Noteless?

As a preacher, I know from experience how important sermon delivery is in the overall sermon event. How often have I worked hard to prepare an expository message only to stumble during delivery and minimize my homiletical effectiveness. And yet, I have also experienced the euphoria of being "in the zone" during sermon delivery. A significant factor in this process focuses on what (if anything) the preacher takes to the pulpit besides the Bible. Should I take notes, or should I dare preach with only the Bible between me and the congregation? Vines and Shaddix refer to this as the "delivery dilemma."1 Sentiment runs high on both sides of the sermon notes issue. As we ponder this dilemma, we wi

"We Interrupt This Sermon . . ."

You might recall the lead-in to those annoying interruptions to your television program: "We interrupt this broadcast for an important announcement . . ." Inevitably, interruptions would interpose themselves right in the middle of our favorite programs. Such is life. We face interruptions on a daily basis. They creep into many areas of our lives, appearing without warning and without apology. Such is the life of a preacher. As I was about to go to the platform and preach this past Sunday morning, the sanctuary darkened as the lights went out. Storms in the area had disrupted the electrical power. Immediately, the emergency lights came on to provide some illumination, but the room was still d

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